Organic Oolong Tea

USDA Organic Tea
Over the years, many different varieties of oolong tea have been produced, each with their own style and flavour, however traditional oolong tea remains the most popular among these.

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Oolong Tea

Steeping Instructions

Fresh water is essential for brewing a great cup of tea.

  • Use 1 teabag per cup of boiling water.
  • Cover and steep for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

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Oolong Tea Health Benefits

The Chinese name, “wulong”, meaning “black dragon”, hints at the potent earthy flavour this traditional tea variety has to offer. Like green, black and white teas, this tea is fashioned from the Camellia sinensis leaves, but its unique preparation makes it a class of tea all its own. Once the leaves are harvested, they are intentionally bruised to create the desired effect while the tea undergoes fermentation and oxidation. Allowed far less fermentation time than other teas, oolong leaves are then pan fired to seal the flavour. The result is a partially-fermented tea with a unique, striking flavour and a pleasantly sweet aroma.

A Truly Potent Tea

Like many of its fellow teas, oolong tea offers not only an impressive flavour, but an impressive array of nutrients as well. Oolong tea offers several vitamins, including vitamin E, vitamin K, niacin and folic acid. Its mineral content includes calcium, manganese, copper and potassium. While not as high as green tea or white tea, oolong tea also offers a convenient natural source of antioxidants, providing even more reason to give oolong tea a try.

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The pleasant, complex taste of this unique brew makes it a great tea to enjoy alone, or with guests. We take pride in offering high quality teas at the best possible values. And with our bulk value prices, you save more when you buy more!

Why choose Buddha Teas?

Buddha Teas Logo

What sets us apart from other tea companies? We start with a philosophy of living in harmony with nature, not using it for profit. Buddha Teas uses only fresh, pure organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients and maintains their natural purity in every tea we sell. We have also created the "Teas for Trees" campaign, planting 5000 trees a year to offset the paper use in our tea bags. Each of our tea bags is bleach-free to eliminate the risk of chemicals, and our boxes are made from 100% recycled material. When you buy Buddha Teas, you'll enjoy the fresh, full flavor of a truly natural tea in every sip.

Learn About Our "Tea For Trees" Campaign

Trees For Us

Buddha Teas is always looking for ways we can give back to our world. Our Tea for Trees campaign is designed to restore one of our most important resources and offset the use of paper in our products. We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation’s “Trees for US” program to plant thousands of trees every year. Every box you purchase helps us to support this cause. Read more about it here.

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Review Title: It's good

Review by Spenceron 10 June 2016
This tea was good, but I wish it would have arrived sooner. The taste was strong, and it wasn't bitter, and they even gave me free sample of green tea with my package. I will be purchasing more from this website.

Review Title: Yea - It's Real Good

Review by Garyon 7 January 2016
I know nothing about tea. Buddha was recommended by a friend who knows their stuff. Yea..... really good

Review Title: Perfect start to the day

Review by Gypsy Soulon 12 August 2015
A great tea. Flavor is strong without being bitter. I'd describe as smooth, strong and silky. This one will be staying in my tea drawer!

Review Title: Oolong Tea

Review by Terry Eats Appleson 3 April 2015
This tea will make you say "Oooooo" for a "long" time. It's that good!

Review Title: Enjoyable

Review by TkNoelon 3 April 2015
My knowledge of oolong is somewhat limited, so I can't say how this compares to other oolong varieties. Personally, I enjoyed this tea. It has a very smooth, dark quality to it, but it lacks the astringency I've found in a lot of other teas. Tea lovers should at least give this one a try.

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Oolong Tea

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